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Candles by Midnight

The beautiful Midnight

Welcome to "Magic In The Making." I began this business by selling pagan candles on a wholesale basis within the city limits of my hometown, Salem, Massachusetts. My candles were distributed in popular establishments, such as The Broom Closet, The Salem Witch Village and Witch Way Gifts. On September 1, 2000, family members and I opened an arts and crafts store called, "Special Creations: Handcrafted Decoratives." It was then I decided to become Salem's exclusive distributor of Magic In The Making products. However, not wanting to cease my wholesale venture completely, this site was created for both wholesale and retail.

Realizing that living in our modern society, many witches, Wiccans and pagans do not have the time or ability to create the numerous trinkets that decorate our homes and altars. I decided to branch out and create all sorts of magickal items that range from wreaths to wrapped crystal necklaces. My standards are high and I stand by all my products. Because I handcraft all my products and candles personally, they are created and charged with the brightest of blessings and love.

Blessed be,

Contact Midnight:

Tel: 978-741-3433

70 Wharf Street

Salem, MA 01970


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