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Medieval Candles

My Medieval Candles debuted Feb. 2, 2002. This particular series of candles were created with serious Medieval Re-enactors and Renaissance Faire Players in mind. The idea for these candles come from the numerous faires I have attended. I never come into any traditional candles or candles makers upon much research. I had found the ingredients of the traditional "tallow" candle. However, not wanting to use actual components (such as pig fat and sometimes bodily excretions). I have created a formula that creates a tallow-like similarity. These candles are fragranced with all natural dried ingredients as well as oils.




Apple and/or Cinnamon




Desert Sage

This list will only grow in time.

Codes for Medieval Candles:

Small Medieval Pillar: M-SMP

Large Medieval Pillar: M-LMP

Small Taper: M-STR

Large Taper: M-LTR

Oval Pillar: M-OVP

Triangular Taper: M-TRI-T

Star Taper: M-STRT